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Newport High Street around 1910
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Wonston Church
Gandparents' wedding
The Southampton Times and Hampshire Express
18 June 1910

Alfred John Cheverton
Councillor AJ Cheverton

May Beer
May Beer
Cheverton sisters
Cheverton sisters - May Beer with her sister Frances Howard

A Cheverton

The Cheverton (or Chiverton) family, descended from the Norman Barons of Chièvres, with substantial land holdings in Cornwall and the Isle of Wight, has an illustrious history. Strangely, it appears the most difficult part of our ancestry to investigate.

Over ten years of searching have failed to take us further back into our Cheverton history than James Cheverton, who appears to have been born in Newport, Isle of Wight in 1813. (This date is confirmed in the 1851 and subsequent censuses,) The 1841 census shows him (if we have the right person) in High Street, Newport and described as a "Statuary Mason", living with his mother Jane. His marriage certificate shows his father's name to be "Edward Chiverton" whom we have been unable to identify.

James married Charlotte Godwin, our great-great grandmother, at St Mary's Church, Southampton, on 12 January 1845.

James and Charlotte had seven children, the sixth of whom was Alfred John Cheverton, our great grandfather.

Alfred John Cheverton, was born in Southampton in 1857. He worked as an accountant and some of his progress can be seen from the census records. Professionally he was known as a leading auctioneer and estate agent. He was active politically, holding office in the Liberal Party in Southampton and becoming a prominent town councillor.

Alfred John Cheverton married Caroline Elizabeth Thring and they had three children. The eldest was Mary Kate Cheverton, the report of whose wedding is on this page. She married Matthew Beer in June 1910, and this part of the story is continued in the Beer pages.

OS map of wonston

Godwin of the Dever Valley

The father of Charlotte was described at his marriage as "Thomas Godwin alias Holdaway of Micheldever".
Born in Hunton to Mary Holdaway, the Parish Register shows Thomas's father simply as "Godwin". In 1812 Thomas married Mary Ford in Wonston. They had four children. of whom Charlotte Godwin was the third.

There is strong evidence that Charlotte, before she married James Cheverton, had a son Thomas Godwin, who was baptised on 9 June 1839. (see baptismal extract below).

Charlotte's son Thomas does not appear in the Registrar General's Index of Births, but he can be found in the 1841 census at his grandmother's home in Shepherds Hill, Sutton Scotney

The 1861 census shows Charlotte's son Thomas as a police constable in the Metropolitan Police at Twickenham.  In 1868 he married Ellen Tilbury. Their daughter Rose was born in 1869 but, sadly, died in 1872.
The 1871 census shows that he had had changed ccupation and was now working for the railway.
Charlotte's brother Thomas was sentenced to 10 years transportation at Winchester on 19 October 1841 for burglary, arriving in Tasmania on 21 July 1842 on SS Candahar.

Norton Manor Photo             Stoke Charity Photo
Norton Manor, photographed by Maisie Beer, August 1934                                    Stoke Charity                                                

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