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Peter and Margaret - The Early Years

Peter, 6 weeks old

Peter with Mum on the allotment

The photograph above, three years later or so, is with mum on the allotment (which provided us with a lot of fresh food during the war years.)

Peter was first on the scene, in November 1937. This is him at 6 weeks, taken on 28 December 1937. The picture on the right, in front of 113 Colinton Mains Road, was at 5 months old.
Peter, 5 months old
Peter with Grandpa

Peter and proud parents

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            Margaret's turn came next. Not for her a wintry mid-November arrival, but the middle of an unusually warm and sunny June in 1939.

Margaret and proud parents

Mum, Margaret, Peter, July 1940 First steps - Dreghorn, 1 July 1940

      Here is Margaret's fan club
Margaret's fan club

Margaret aged 1
3 days after Margaret's first birthday.
Mum and Margaret (in harness)
In a harness, with Mum in her college blazer

brother and sister

Margaret walking, Redford Road
      Nearly a year later, Redford Road, Colinton

A pair of portraits by Drummond Shiels of Edinburgh.

Peter, Drummond Shiels portrait, 1940 Margaret, Drummond Shiels portrait, 1940

Peter's first car, with Margaret looking on
At North Berwick, with Auntie Beth

An assortment of pictures from 1941
Peter's first car. A haircut seems to have been encountered between the two top photographs. Picture below shows Margaret in the back garden at 113.
Margaret in the back gardenTwo seaside pics from North Berwick, with Dad and his sister Grace.

Peter in his car - after a haircut
Peter at North Berwick

Margaret's Third Birthday
with Grandma in

Peter, Margaret
		and Grandma

Why can't I move this?
Peter and the roller
Try it this way - if I can't pull it I might be able to demolish something. Margaret and the roller

Dad with wheelbarrow of
		children Peter, Margaret and
		and Dad

Allan James Jones
born 26 January 1945

The three of us, 1946

The Three Musketeers, Colinton Mains Rd, 1946

Allan in pram
Allan 1951

    School Photo, London, 1951

Allan paddling in the
		Braid Burn

    Paddling in the Braid Burn, Edinburgh, 1947

The three of us, 1949

Streatham Hill, London, 1949

Mum and kids
Margaret School Photo

    School Photo, London, 1952  

Left: All three of us with Mum. Location uncertain, but could well be Colley Hill or somewhere nearby on the North Downs.
Right: In the sea at Hordle Cliff, Hampshire.

Allan with ball
In the sea at Hordle

In Greenwich Park, London, in 1950 (or thereabouts)

With Mum and Auntie Grace With Dad
		and Auntie Grace
Margaret, Peter, Gracie, Allan, Dad, Auntie Grace                                 Auntie Grace, Gracie, Mum, Margaret, Allan.

Grandma, Margaret
		and Allan

Margaret and Allan with Grandma
Right: Peter and Margaret in their new school uniforms

P & M in school uniforms at play in Southampton

At play in Southampton

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