Part 2:

Wicklow's Historic Gaol

Part of the old Wicklow Gaol has been converted into a remarkable interactive museum, taking the visitor through two and half centuries of turbulent Irish history. In the comapny of an 18th century warder, one is transported through the times of the 1798 rebellion and later episodes in the struggle for independence, the 19th century famine, executions, transportation to the colonies etc.

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Gaol exterior
The entrance (above) is forbidding enough without the realisation that the spar above the top floor existed for public hangings.

Militia group
At various points in its history, the militia were involved in running the gaol.

Prison schoolroom
The school room, part of the early prison reforms.

view from above
Looking down from the first floor landing.

Gaol bathhouse
The bath house, for all inmates. Regulations required that the water be changed daily, before sunrise.

A flogging in the dungeon.

Treadmill 1
The prison yard and treadmill. Prisoners were made to walk barefoot on the sharp stone surface, carrying canon ball weights.

Treadmill 2
The treadmill - more accurately a treadwheel, since it served no useful purpose such as grinding corn or pumping water.

Treadmill 3
Is the warder saying "let me help you back on, my dear fellow"? Probably not. It was 45 steps a minute for up to seven hours.

Captain's Cabin
The captain's cabin on the convict ship Hercules.

Stores on deck
Stores on the deck of the ship.

Children on board
Children were among those bound for Botany Bay.

Military guard
Military guard on board the convict ship Hercules.

Release papers
Make sure you have your release form before you try to leave!

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