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A Transcription

Nun Ilston of the Excise Office, Gentleman
Died possessed of
£44   Long Anny   19 7/8     £874 - 10 --

And by his Will dated 28 November 1825 attested by three Witnesses appointed by his Wife Rachel Ilston now the Widow and Relict and James Holdom Executors to whom Probate was granted at Doctors Commons 8 December 1825 (therein described of Plummers Row City Road in the Parish of Saint Leonard Shoreditch in the County of Middlesex (in the Will called Excise Officer.

In the Will are the following Words

I give to my Wife Rachel Ilston the whole of my Household Furniture during her natural life and after her decease to be equally divided amongst my five Children share and share alike that is to say my Son Joshua my Daughter Ann (now the Wife of John Francis Borlay) my Son William and my Daughters Sarah Maria and Mary Elizabeth and in case of the death of any of these Children his her or their share or shares to be equally divided among the surviving Children.

I likewise hereby order and direct my Executors to pay my Funeral expenses and all my lawful debts out of such monies as I may have by me in the House at the time of my decease and out of the proceeds of such sums of money as may then be due to me and which I hereby empower them to collect and to apply as herein directed - after the five several sums of forty pounds have been paid by my Executors to each of my said Children (as hereinbefore ordered and directed) out of the principal sum of which I may die possessed in the kind of Stock in the Bank of England, known by the name of the "Long Annuities" the annual Interest of which is at present forty four pounds I give and bequeath to my Wife aforesaid the principal sum which may then remain after such payments to my Children severally the annual Interest of which she my said Wife is to receive hold and enjoy during her natural life and after her decease the principal sum is hereby directed ordered and appointed to be equally divided among each of my five Children aforesaid and to their Heirs and assigns share and share alike.

Notes on second page,
Which appear to have been made before those on page 1

£6..5 sold 13 Dec 1825

I demand to sell £2..1.. Long Anny in addition to the £6..5.. Long Anny which I have already sold for payment of four of the Legacies of £40 each
- Jas Holdom Executor
Long Anny sold 6 Feb 29

I demand to sell £2 - Long Anny for the purpose of paying the fifth and last Legacy.
- Rachel Ilston 30 July 1829
£2 as per demand 30 July 1829

Application from the Admon to have £33.14.. Long Anny (remaining in name of the Testator) left at his disposal
-.Submitted to Mr Freshfield but not allowed 14 Aug 1834

£26.19.4 Long Anny (part of the said £33.14.. being the shares of William Ilston the Admon & his Sisters Ann, Sarah Maria & Mary Elizabeth) 4 of the Reversionary Legatees - may now be left at the disposal of the said William Ilston the consent of the said Legatees being signified as appears by an application put up.       18 Aug 1834

Notes on first page-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------

£44 p.a. Long Any (after the sale of as much as the Executrix and Executor may demand for payment of the five legacies of £40 each) to remain Subjected during the life of Rachel Ilston (the Teastator's Widow) the Executrix. And at her death to be transferred in equal shares to the Testator's five children the undermentioned reversionary legatees viz
Joshua Ilston
Ann Borlay (the wife of John Francis Borlay)
William Ilston
Sarah Maria Ilston Spinster
Mary Elizabeth Ilston Spinster

James Holdom one of the Executors is decd Probate of his last Will and Testament granted at Doctors Commons 14 Feby 1832 Will dated 18 April 1831.
Regd 11 April 1833

Rachel Ilston the testators Widow is decd (& survived her Co-Executor) intestate died 23 July 1834 as per letters of admon with the will annexed de bonis non dated 1 Aug 1834 granted at Drs Coms to William Ilston (one of the children)
Sworn under £1500

William Ilston the Admon with the Will annexed de bonis non buried 10 Decr 1838 .....?....?   And Died 1 Decr 1838 as appears by further Letters of Administration with the Will annexed de bonis non of Nun Ilston granted at Doctors Coms the 23 October 1848 to

Alice Thomas wife of William Jenkin Thomas the daughter & Adminx of Joshua Ilston Whilst living one of the children of the said Nun Ilston decd
Ann Borley Wife John Francis Borley
Sarah Maria Cox Widow
Mary Elizabeth Clarke Wife of John Say Clarke
the Children also of the said deceased having renounced Rachel Ilston William Ilston Joshua Ilston decd Ann Borley Sarah Maria Cox and Mary Elizabeth Clarke being the only persons entitled in distribution to the Personal Estate of the said deceased.
Regd 13 Nov 1848

A letter for payments was required from 1838 to 1858 which have been received under a Power of Attorney granted by William Ilston. I have been informed that the attorney has received them 10 years after the death of the admon de bonis non - see Letter to the Chief Accountant with the Opinion of Mr Freshfield thereon put up.
Regd 7 May 1859

The original document

Will of Nun Ilston (the original document)


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