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Visits to the National Railway Museum, York
22 September 2016 and 14 January 2019

1829 Stephenson's Rocket,
					winner of the Rainhill Trials
1829 Rocket by Robert Stephenson. Winner of the Rainhill Trials on the Liverpool and Mancester Railway. This replica was built by Stephenson's Locomotive Works in 1934.

Horse taxi from town to
Horse carriage between town and station. (Kent & East Sussex Railway)

Furness Railway
					Coppernob 1846
1846 Furness Railway No.3 0-4-0 "Coppernob" Built 1846 to haul FR's first passenger services. Withdrawn 1898, it was displayed at Barrow station until the station was badly damaged during WW2.

NER 0-6-0 1874
1874 North Eastern Railway 0-6-0 tender locomotive No.1275, built in Glasgow by Dubs & Co.

Chinese class KF
Chinese Government Railways class KF 4-8-4 No 7, built in Lancashire by Vulcan Foundry in 1935

GNR Stirling single express
					locomotive No.1
1870 Great Northern Railway Stirling 4-2-2 express passenger locomotive No.1 designed by Patrick Stirling and built at Doncaster works.

LBSC B1 class Gladstone
London Brighton and South Coast Railway B1 Class 0-4-2 of 1882.
No.214 "Gladstone".

NER No 66 Aerolite
North Eastern Railway 2-2-4T No 66 "Aerolite",built Gateshead 1869.

LYR No 1008 Lancashire and Yorkshire Class 5 2-4-2T No 1008.

Ffestiniog Railway double
					Fairlie 1885
1885 Fairlie's Patent 0-4-4-0 articulated locomotive (24 inch gauge).
Built at Boston Lodge Works by the Ffestiniog Railway. On loan to the museum.

GNR Class C1 4-4-2 No 990
Great Northern Railway Class C1 4-4-2 No 990 Henry Oakley, built 1898.

LMS Crab 2-6-0
1926 London Midland and Scottish Railway Hughes Crab 2-6-0 No13000.

GWR 0-6-0PT No 990
Great Western Railway 0-6-0PT No 5775 in the livery of the fictitious Great North and South Railway for the film "The Railway Children". It was built in Swindon in 1929 and, after withdrawal by BR, worked as L89 on London Underground maintenance trains.

Plaque on the side of
Commemorative plaque on the side of Mallard (below)


London and North Easterm Railway class A4 4-6-2 No 4468 "Mallard".
Built March 1938, Mallard set a new steam locomotive speed record later the same year. The record of 126mph still stands.

LMS 4-6-2 Duchess of
LMS Stanier Pacific 4-6-2 No 6229
"Duchess of Hamilton" Built Crewe 1938.

Q1 austerity locomotive,
Southern Railway austerity Q1 class 0-6-0 designed by Oliver Bulleid for economy of materials and ease of maintenance.

LSWR Drummond M7 tank
London and South Western Railway Drummond M7 class
0-4-4 passenger tank No 245 built at Nine Elms
for London suburban services in 1897.

Beattie shunter
Southern Railway 0298 class 2-4-0 Beattie Well Tank shunter
(BR number 30587) built by Beyer Peacock for the LSWR.


SECR D Class
South East and Chatham Railway D Class 4-4-0 No 737, built 1902.

Agecroft No 1
0-4-0 Saddle tank loco, Agecroft No. 1, one of three shunters bought by
Salford Corporation from Robert Stephenson and Hawthorns for use at Agecroft Power Station. 1948.

Lady of the Lake,
Model of London & North Western Railway 2-2-2 no. 531 "Lady of the Lake"
These locomotives were built to haul trains such as the Irish Mail between London and Holyhead. This example appeared at the International Exhibition in 1862. None of the class has survived, the last being scrapped in 1907.

Midland 'Spinner' express
Midland Railway Class 115 "Spinner" 4-2-2 No 673, Built Derby 1897. Large single driving wheel for sustailed high speeds but notorious for wheelslip.

Lode Star,
The only remaining Great Western Railway 4000 Class locomotive. Designed by George Churchward and built at the GWR works in Swindon in 1907.

1874 industrial shunting
Industrial 0-4-0PT shunter built by Black, Hawthorn & Co, 1874.
Rescued from aluminium plant by the demolition contractors who presented it to the Museum.

passenger wagon
Unrestored 3-compartment passenger wagon.


LYR 0-4-0PT works loco
Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway,
Horwich Works 0-4-0PT "Wren"
Built 1887, withdrawn 1962

LNWR 0-4-0PT loco Pet> London & North Western Railway 18-in.gauge 0-4-0PT Crewe works locomotive "Pet". Built 1865, worked non-stop for 65 years, withdrawn 1929

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