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I stumbled across a reference to the Thring family in David Gardner's Gardner/Gardiner research several years ago and emailed him. His helpful response enabled us to find out a little more about this part of the family.

We had tentatively identified John Thring, baptised in Bath Abbey in 1833, as our great great grandfather. David's help enabled us to confirm this and to establish that his parents were James Thring and Leah Hearne (or Herne).

Leah Herne is certainly an unusual name. IF the records we have found relate to our ancestor, it could show that she was married at twelve, had her first child at 13, and so on.

We know that William Hearne and his wife Alice had a daughter Leah who was baptised in Black Bournton, Oxfordshire, on 29 April 1821. OUR Leah Hearne died in Bath in 1838, aged 21. having married James Thring in 1833 and having had four children. It is quite possible that she was baptised a few years after her birth.

A copy of the death certificate shows her age as 21. She is recorded as a Cook and died from "Inflammation of the Bowel".

James was born in 1799 and his parents - also James and Sarah Fowle - were married in Wiltshire in 1797.

Back to James and Leah. Their first child was our great great grandfather, John Thring. Baptised in Bath Abbey on 15 December 1833. He married Caroline Gardner in Islington, London, on 27 June 1857. We thought we had information aboout her parents but it has proved to be confusing and unreliable.

John and Caroline lived in various parts of London, with children born in Clerkenwell, Bermondsey, Islington and the vague "London". Their eldest daughter Caroline Elizabeth Thring (born Clerkenwell, 1858) married Alfred John Cheverton in Southampton in 1881. John and family were living in Southampton at the time. He was working as a clerk for the P & O Steamship Company. After Caroline's death, John returned to Southampton where he died in the following year (1912).

Our limited knowlwdge of our Thring ancestors is summarised in this chart.

Thring family tree

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Last updated 29 July 2018